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Our Expertise.

Leadership Development

As a CMI partner, we know what makes leaders and managers tick. From writing bespoke corporate training programmes to providing L3, 5 and 7 qualifications, we produce some of the most notables changes in leadership development in the industry.

Team Development

Many assume that because a team operates without friction, it must be efficient however, this is not always the case. We focus on developing teams through core interactions to create cohesion on a general or project specific basis.

Executive Coaching

Forming an effective working relationship between a coach and the recipient is the key to achieving noticeable individual and corporate changes. All Fintrex coaches are hand picked to work alongside our clients for maximum results.

Soft Skills Training

Our soft skills training focusses more on who people are and not what they know. We develop character traits that improve how people interact with others. It is proven that team members with effective soft skills can help achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivityy

On Demand - Virtual Training

We design, build and deliver bespoke virtual training programmes for our clients to be operated via an in-house or hosted LMS platform. We also offer bulk subscriptions to a range of pre-designed and developed courses for your team to access.

Meeting Room

About Fintrex Corporate Development

We increase business success through its people

Born from a background in Business Advisory and Corporate Consulting, Fintrex Corporate Development was formed from the sole understanding that the key to corporate success is found within people.

​All too often is an apparent disconnect between the hierarchy of teams and the absence of enhanced cohesion to execute the corporate vision. Many at the lower end of the corporate ladder are overlooked and those of higher roles are out of sync with ground level teams carrying often operational roles.

This disconnect is often exacerbated by multi layer management teams that interpret their own version of corporate vision, creating a "Chinese Whispers" effect throughout.


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