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The Satisfaction of Success

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is at the core of Fintrex Corporate Development and our programmes are tailored specifically to people that want to succeed professionally. Whether you are a business owner, director, manager, or an individual that wants to fast-track your career, Fintrex Business Coaches will help you achieve outstanding results.

At the core of the Fintrex Business Coaching programmes are goal-setting and strategic planning to provide a solid framework

for  tailored outcomes

When you engage with a Fintrex Business Coach, we work to get to know you and how your business operates and what you want to achieve and this will form the basis of the coaching programme

We believe that life and business successes should be treated as one and many of our clients find their personal life is affecting their business. All of our coaches are real people with real life experience and understand that the two are not independent of each other. 

Do you need an Accredited business coach?

  • Do you feel your business is doing well but you believe it has greater potential?
  • Do you want to Scale up to achieve your personal and business goals?
  • Do you feel you could benefit from expert advice and guidance to take you to the next level or overcome immediate challenges?
  • Do you wish to change direction of the business or even keep your existing model but just simply win more clients and increase profits?
  • Or, has it all gone a bit wrong and you need some assistance bringing things back on track?

Our Coaching Framework

The Business Eco-System is the core framework of our coaching programmes.


Whilst addressing your core challenges within your business, the Business Eco-System framework enables and encourages you to consider and review all other elements of your business and assists our coaches in ensuring they are continuously aware of the 360 degree overview of your business to create maximum efficiency.

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The Business Eco-System

What does "accredited" actually mean?

Unfortunately, there are no official qualifications for business coaching and many operate without any real life or business experience.

At Fintrex, we ensure all of our coaches not only come from a strong business background but also undergo a CMI recognised training programme upon joining, ensuring everybody follows strict guidelines, processes and procedures, adding real value to their clients. 

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