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The Power
of People

Coaching is now recognised as the most effective tool to accelerate leadership and management performance.


Executive Coaching often incorporates a series of confidential one-to-one conversations with an experienced professional, to help someone overcome challenges they may be experiencing at work, improve their performance, increase their resilience, or support them in transitioning to a new role.


Managers, Leaders and Board Members often want to explore and improve areas such as their own leadership and management style, or their relationships with some of their key stakeholders – direct  reports, management team, colleagues, and customers.

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Coaching for Board Members

Being a board member of a company is a

significant responsibility. It takes commitment,

passion and time to prioritize organizational

health above all else. For Chair-persons, Board

Directors and Trustees. Whatever your sector,

our board-level coaching will support you in

your leadership purpose.

Coaching for High Potentials

High potentials are the most important

talent assets to any company because they

show a glimpse of future leadership. Often

a more tailored approach to learning and

development is needed to maintain the

drive, passion and creativity that is so often

displayed by this promising talent group.

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Transition Coaching

This coaching is for leaders who are moving

out of a role and into a new one – either across

or up an organization – and need to ramp up

capabilities to adapt to future responsibilities.

Coaching with Fintrex

Coaching is personal, it’s about people. It’s natural for it to touch on beliefs, self-doubt, mindsets, perspectives, values, behaviours and the persons’ life.


That’s why how we coach is so important. Our coaches use an approach that works in a relational way and at a psychological level, to address entrenched thoughts, behaviours and emotions holding us back.


But before any coaching can begin, we first need to understand your needs. As part of our initial dialogue, we will understand, in greater detail, the challenges which brought you to find out more about coaching. From there it will be clear how we can support you through coaching. No matter what coaching service you require, you are guaranteed to get the best quality coaching service and impact from us.

All of our Executive Coaches are qualified to CMI L7 or equivalent and have real world, management and leadership experience.

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Stage 1 - Understanding

The first stage of any coaching programme is to understand your desired outcomes.


Your coaching account manager will take time to identify your goals and work with you to map the coaching journey to ensure maximum success.

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Stage 2 - Introductions

The next stage is to match experience with goals and source a range of coaches.


In this instance, personality is key to outcome so we ensure that both participants feel they can form a strong working relationship

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Stage 3 - Alignment

At this point, we bring all parties together to align goals and objectives and map the coaching journey.

Stage 3 often includes other members of the organisation such as HR or direct line reports.

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Stage 4 - Performance

Within the journey plan, we performance monitoring points (PMP's) in line with your desired outcomes

PMP's are vital to ensure that benchmarks are being achieved, goals are being met and notable, transformation is underway.

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