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The Satisfaction of Success

As specialists in the Management and Leadership sector, Fintrex Search and Selection Focusses exclusively on the appointment of Mid Level, Senior Managers and Board Members to both Public and Private Sector organisations throughout the UK and UAE

Are you looking to fill a position?

  • Fintrex completely understands what makes a good manager or leader - we even create and assist manager and leaders to become better at their role.
  • We work to understand your position more than anyone else. Whilst this sounds like a Cliche', we genuinely understand what is desired of a manager, leader or board member and we ensure all delegates put forward have key attributes that your company will benefit from.
  • Industry expertise and knowledge is vital to find and place candidates that grow your business which is why we're always honest about our professionalism. If we don't feel we would be the best choice, we will recoomend other who will.
  • We understand change! Very often, when businesses change direction, specialist team members are needed with new skill sets. We understand people and business and grasp your goals quickly and accurately.

Are you searching for a position?

We're always on the lookout for new talent to help our clients businesses grow ad we take a pro-active approach to position placement.

If you are an established Mid Level Manager, Senior Manager or Board Member looking for a new role, we will pro-actively work with you to promote you to our ever-growing network of organisations

Featured Positions

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